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Similasan Computer Eyes eye drops

Do your eyes often spend too much time looking at a screen of a computer or laptop? Then you probably know what ‘computer eyes’ feel like. Your eyes feel tired and become irritated and watery from the excessive tear production. Similasan Computer Eyes gives tired eyes a hydrating and refreshing boost. Also for irritated eyes as a result of reading, driving the car or watching television.

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When do you use Similasan Computer Eyes eye drops?

Ordinarily we blink our eyes about 20 times a minute. However when we concentrate on a screen, book or on the road it may be reduced to only 5 seconds per minute. This often leads to painful eyes because the eyes are insufficiently hydrated. It causes tired eyes, also known as computer eyes because it often occurs with computer users. More than 50% of the computer users is regurlarly troubled by computer eyes.

To use with tired or irritated eyes caused by:

  • Use of computer
  • Watching television
  • Reading or writing
  • Driving a car

Benefits of Similasan Computer Eyes

  • Quick effect with tired and irritated eyes
  • Hydrates and refreshes
  • Only the best natural components
  • Your vision is always clear
  • Easy to use dropper, no need for other tools
  • Can be used in combination with contact lenses
  • High-end Swiss quality

Are you also sick of tired eyes? Find out where Similasan Computer Eyes eye drops are available for you.

Similasan develops natural high quality eye drops for specific eye problems. Similasan Computer Eyes is a sterile pH neutral eye drop which hydrates and refreshes tired eyes. Made from only natural ingredients among which the medicinal herbs Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) and Crocus sativus (Saffron crocus). The natural revitalising components provide a good balance and have a relieving effect.

Extract of Euphrasia officinalis and Crocus sativus.
Supporting ingredients: A watery borate buffered solution, isotonic made of sodium nitrate.
Preservative: contains natural preservative Silver sulphate


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