Similasan: bring back the sparkle in your eyes

Know that burning, itching or irritated sensation of the eyes, which prevents you from doing what you like to do? Similasan helps to restore your eyes, to make sure your eye problems don’t interfere with your lifestyle, and you can get back on track. This is what we have been doing since 1980 with natural eye drops, sprays and eye wipes of Swiss top quality.

Because eye problems are not all the same, Similasan developed an assortment of specific solutions for the treatment of specific eye problems. For a natural and efficient approach to treat dry eyes, tired eyes, hay fever, red eyes, infected eyes and dry eyelids.

Itching eyes as a result of allergies like hay fever

Similasan Hay fever

Red and irritated eyes caused by dirt or an infection

Similasan Red Eyes

Natural treatment for specific eye problems

Burning computer eyes caused by fatigue

Similasan Tired Eye
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