Our Story

Our Story

Philosophy of Similasan

Offer specific solutions for every day eye problems with a natural and efficient approach. That’s what Similasan stands for. In the Netherlands we will introduce eye drops for dry eyes, computer eyes, hay fever and red eyes. Additionally we have sprays and eye wipes available. Outside the Dutch borders—Similasan offers homeopathic products for i.a. the flu, coughing, ear infection, skin allergy and other conditions. Similasan products contain natural ingredients and are developed and produced in Switzerland. Similasan guarantees top quality.

What makes Similasan products unique?

Highly effective

Similasan eye drops contain a combination of natural ingredients. When used by the guidelines of the instructions, problems like itching and irritated eyes as a result of conjunctivitis but also allergies (hay fever), will easily and quickly be soothed.

Easily choosing the right treatment

All Similasan products clearly target specific indications with specific dosage forms, making it suitable for self-care.

No known side effects and interactions

When used by following the instructions, there are no known or observed side effects or interactions with the Similasan products.

Important characteristics

Similasan operates in conformity with the European guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice, and is certified by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

In-house production

All Similasan products are produced in-house in Switzerland. The modern production installations are adjusted to the production of homeopathic medicine and medical aids, as well as bottling and packaging of the variety of dosage forms like sterile eye wipes, sprays, eye drops, sirops, ointments and tablets.

High quality standard

The production systems are highly automated and the production installations are continuously adjusted to new requirements. Our staff is trained by Similasan itself with a high educational level, a strong motivation and high quality standard.

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