The story of Similasan

The best inventions originate from Switzerland. Mouthwatering milk chocolate, the Swiss pocket knife, Velcro and muesli, for example. That’s because the Swiss are pioneers in terms of research and innovation. One of those pioneers was Armin Späni, a passionate pharmacist who wanted to treat everyday problems of his customers with homeopathic medicine. And thus the story of Similasan begins…


Similasan was founded by Armin Späni with the help of Walter Greminger and Herbert Marty. Three skilled pharmacists who wanted to change the world with 100% natural self-care medicine. ‘Similasan AG’ was born.


The first Similasan product is launched on the market—drops for hay fever. The drops are an immediate succes, especially because most competiting drugs preventing pollenallergy have troubling side effects. The fully natural Similasan hay fever medication proves to be a gap in the market.


In the years that follow, Similasan continues releasing new products on the market. Additionally the eye drops are exported to the Netherlands, Austria and the United States. The US even gets its own subsidiary. Similasan soon becomes one of the best selling brands in Swiss drugstores and marketleader for self-care medicine.

1983 – 1991

The head office of Similasan is established in the city Jonen, a short distance from Zürich. Jonen is still the home base of Similasan now adays.


Similasan receives the first GMP certificate ((Good Manufacturing Practice), a certificate for quality of internationally traded pharmaceutical products. Meanwhile the sterile filling installation of the eye drop line is used for the first time in Jonen. This makes Similasan one of the few fully sterile eye drops on the market.


Similasan celebrates the millenium with a new look and is globally exported to more and more countries. There is also a new production building with elaborate state-of-the-art production facilities.

2000 - 2005

Similasan becomes part of the Jüstrich family, a well-known Swiss entrepreneur family who are very committed to lift the eye products and the Similasan brand to a higher level. There is also a move to the new headoffice this year, Similasan has outgrown its shell.


The renewed internal laboratory of Similasan is now ready. This offers the possibility to develop and produce all Similasan products in-house and guarantees top quality.

With a epxansion of eye products for dry, allergic, over-fatigued and infected eyes, Similasan is the only company in the world that offers a complete assortment of eye products in complementary medicine.


Similasan wins the price for ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for the 14th time in a row in the category of natural medicine in Switzerland. Even years later Similasan wins this price, judged by consumer research.


Similasan is well on its way to become one of the most popular and trusted brands in the Netherlands for natural medical supplies for dry eyes, computer eyes, hay fever and red eyes. The most specific solutions for every eye problem, which is very unique in the Dutch eye care market.

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