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  • Is it safe to use Similasan eye drops and sprays during pregnancy? Is it safe to use Similasan eyedrops and sprays while breastfeeding?

    It is advised to only use Similasan eye drops and eye sprays during the pregnancy and while breastfeeding in consultation with your physician, drugstore or pharmacist.

  • Are Similasan eye drops and eye sprays safe to use for childeren?

    Similasan eye drops and eye sprays may not be used with childeren under the age of 2.

  • Where are Similasan eye drops, eye sprays and eye wipes for sale?

    Similasan products are available in the common drugstore chains like Kruidvat, Trekpleister, Etos, DA and DIO as well as independent drugstores.

  • When should you consult a physician about your eye problems?

    It is best to consult a physician:
    -When you got something in your eye and you are unable to remove it (a splinter, fly or sand grain).
    -When you have a sudden loss of vision.
    -When you are not able to endure daylight.
    -When a corrosive substance has gotten into your eye.
    -When your eye problems don’t disappear after a few days.
    When in doubt: consult a phycisian. Don’t wait too long, don’t take any risk with your eyes!

  • How do you recognize red eyes or burning eyes? What are the symptoms of red or burning eyes?

    Red and burning eyes can be caused by a cold, a flu, stress, smog, smoke, or over-fatigue. However also by conjunctivitis.

  • What to do with red or inflamed eyes?

    When the eye white is red, they are painfull and there is a watery or oozy discharge coming from the eyes, you most likely have conjunctivitis—also known as pink eye. In case of wearing contact lenses, you should remove them. Take a few moments rest, blink a few times with the eyelids and drop Similasan Red Eyes eye drops in the eye. Repeat a few times a day. Within a few days you will see the redness disappear and you may stop using the drops.

  • What are the causes of dry and irritated eyes?

    The causes of dry and irritated eyes may be:
    – The use of contact lenses
    – Long-term exposure to spaces with airconditioning (office, airplane).
    – Intensive and long-term watching (television, mobile phone or computer screen).

  • When will you be affected by dry and irritated eyes?

    When your tear film is not able to cover the eye completely. Because of, for example, the evaporation of tear moisture by dry air and the incomplete closing of the eyelid—a small gap can appear in the greasy tear film.

  • How do you recognize itching eyes or irritated eyes as a result of an allergic reaction? What are the symptoms of such irritated eyes?

    Irritated eyes and itching eyes can be caused by an allergic reaction of the eye to allergens such as pollen, pets, dust mites or fungal spores. Hypersensitivity to cosmetics and parfume can also lead to irritation of the eyes.

  • How do you recognize tired eyes? What are the symptoms of tired eyes?

    Tired eyes may be caused by strenuous reading or writing, watching television or use of computer (also laptop, mobile phone or tablet). Because tired eyes are often the result of intensive use of screens, they are also known as ‘computer eyes’.

  • What causes the infected eyes of my baby or child?

    Childeren who have a common cold, are more prone to have infected eyes. This is because they often rub their hands in their eyes after they have touched their nose or mouth. In this way the cold virus is transferred to the eyes.
    A constriction of the tear ducts is a frequent cause for an eye infection with babies and childeren. This happens because their tear ducts are often quite narrow. When childeren have a cold, the sinuses swell. In this way the tear ducts are quickly blocked causing teary, and dirty eyes.

  • My child has sticky eyes with dicharge in them. What can I do?

    Clean the eyes of your baby or child with Similasan cleansing wipes Nr.1. Appropriate for all ages.

  • How do you recognize dry eyelids?

    Tear ducts or glands in the eyelid rims can become constricted. Infections or peeling skin (by blepharitis) appear which result in a sticky discharge in the eyes, flaky eyelids and crusts.

  • What is the risk of dry eyelids?

    The sticky discharge in the eyes and the flakes in the fixation of the eyelashes may lead to irritation. The result may be an inflammation of the eyelids and eyes. Clean the eyelids, eye cavity and eyelid ridges with the sterile Similasan Optimoist eye wipes for dry eyelids to prevent the possibility of an eye infection.

  • At home I always use eye drops. What is the difference with Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray is used on closed eyes while eye drops are dropped into open eyes.

  • I use Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray, but not often. How long can I use the spray after opening?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray can be used until 6 months after opening.

  • I wear contact lenses and my eyes are often dry. Should I take out my contacts before I use Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray can conveniently be used in combination with contact lenses.

  • I didn't close my eye properly while using Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray. What should I do?

    Blink a few times with the eyes, wait a few minutes and try again.

  • I have the feeling the Similasan Optimoist 2in1 spray didn't touch my eyelid properly, what should I do?

    Blink a few times with the eyes, wait a few minutes and try again.

  • How far should I keep Similasan Optimoist 2in1 from my eyes for optimal use?

    In case you are not wearing makeup, 10cm. If you are wearing makeup, we advise to spray Similasan Optimoist 2in1 from a 20cm distance.

  • When I wake up, I often have dry eyes. Can I use Similasan Optimoist 2in1 before I put in my contact lenses?

    It’s no problem to use Similasan Optimoist 2in1 before the contacts are inserted.

  • How often a day can I use Similasan Optimoist 2in1?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 may be used 3 to 4 times a day.

  • May Similasan Optimoist 2in1 also be used for childeren with dry eyes?

    For childeren we advise Similasan Dry Eyes eyedrops, for dry and irritated eyes. Only use under supervision of an adult and only with childeren above 2 years old.

  • How does Similasan Optimoist 2in1 work?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 contains natural lipids which strengthen the outer layer of the tear film. This declines the evaporation of the tear film by 95% and reduces the problems of dry and irrtated eyes caused by contact lenses, screens, travel by car or plane, dry air, etc.

  • What is the best time to use Similasan Optimoist 2in1?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 can be used everywhere, on the go or during work, to provide immediate relief.

  • Sometimes I inhale Similasan Optimoist 2in1 when I use it. Is that a problem?

    Inhaling Similasan Optimoist 2in1 will not lead to any health issues.

  • Does Similasan Optimoist 2in1 contain preservatives?

    No, Similasan Optimoist 2in1 does not contain any preservatives.

  • Can I also use Similasan Optimoist 2in1 in combination with makeup?

    Similasan Optimoist 2in1 can be easily used in combination with cosmetics. However keep the spray on a 20cm distance.

  • I use eye drops on precription by my phycisian. Can I combine the use Similasan Optimoist 2in1 without a problem?

    In the case of eye drops on the advice of a phycisian, we advise to consult your phycisian about this.

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